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if you ever feel bad about yourself remember that george bush was once informed that 4 brazilian people were killed in iraq and he responded ‘how many is a brazilian’

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The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.
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what is going on here


what is going on here

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My sister keeps sending me snapchat of her cheese balls….

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Nine Inch Nails live 2013.

Photographed at the Leeds and Made In America festivals by Rob Sheridan.

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Hesitation Marks interior packaging art. Details of artwork by Russell Mills photographed by Rob Sheridan.

Wallpapers coming soon…

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Me throughout the year

  • January: No
  • February: No
  • March: No
  • April: No
  • May: No
  • June: No
  • July: No
  • August: No
  • September: No
  • October: Spooky
  • November: No
  • December: No
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Edgar Allan Poe & H.P Lovecraft by Abigail Larson

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